Founded in 1902 as List Plumbing & Heating, the Company served commercial and residential businesses in the borough of Manhattan, specifically in the Chelsea/Clinton district.  The business focused primarily on the installation of coal burning boilers and the installation and maintenance of new plumbing systems. 

In 1952, Ceasar Bissetta (an employee of List Plumbing and Heating) joined in partnership with the List family, at which time the business incorporated as Bissetta & List Plumbing and Heating.  Under this ownership, the business became a union contractor as it continued to serve businesses in Manhattan.  After the last of the List family retired, all business shares were sold to Mr. Bissetta and he became the sole proprietor of the Company.  During this period, Mr. Bissetta relinquished the business’s union contractor status and focused primarily on local repair and maintenance.


In 1992, all shares of the business were sold to Fedner La Chapelle (an employee of Bissetta & List Plumbing and Heating). With his purchase, he was made the sole owner/operator of Bissetta & List Plumbing and Heating.   Mr. La Chapelle continued to provide plumbing and heating services as he broadened his geographic reach and expanded the services offered by the Company.